How Do Google Ads and Facebook Ads Differ?

When you’re constructing your SEO strategy, there are several measures that you can take to improve your website’s visibility. If you want to get results quickly, setting up a campaign on Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a great way of making that happen! In order to have success on both of these platforms, however, you’ll need to understand the differences between the two. So, what makes Google Ads and Facebook Ads so different from each other? We break it down for you below!

Audience Reach

Both Google and Facebook Ads have the potential to reach a wide audience of people, but how they obtain that reach is different. Google Ads has by far the highest potential of reach thanks to it being the most dominant search engine, but is more limited in terms of specificity. You can narrow your audience by general traits like age, location and income, but not much else. 

While Facebook Ads has a much lower reach potential, you can get a lot more specific with your targeting! You can narrow down your selection based on common interests that your audience shares. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you can narrow your target audience to people who share an interest in coffee!

Types of Ads

There are also considerable differences between the types of ads that you can display. Google has a much more diverse option set for this purpose; you can use formats like text, video, image, or product promotion in order to get your message across. Facebook Ads are a little less diverse in this category. They tend to go more toward the visual aspects of ads rather than plain text, which could be advantageous depending on what you’re advertising.


Facebook Ads tend to be much cheaper than Google Ads, but it does come at a different cost. Conversion rates tend to be higher on Google Ads thanks to the volume of potential visitors you can receive. However, Google Ad campaigns tend to be more expensive to run. There isn’t one that’s better than the others; Google Ads and Facebook Ads both have distinct advantages!

Ads with Boston Web Marketing

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