How Do FAQs Help SEO?

Frequently Asked Questions, or “FAQs” help companies answer commonly asked questions about their business and the products or services they offer. They are an extremely effective way to present information and also avoid having to educate customers about the specifics when actually doing business. Providing your customers with as much information as possible is a great way to promote transparency and encourage trust within your business.

But providing information isn’t the only reason you might want to put an FAQ section on your website. When it comes to SEO, FAQs are one of the most effective tools in your arsenal to target customers and gain both traffic and conversions.

Why FAQs Help SEO

One of the main benefits of FAQs is that they are able to present information in a question format. As you probably already know, many users of Google and other search engines prefer to word their questions in an FAQ format. With the introduction of voice search with Siri, Google and Alexa, this has only become more common in the last few years. By tapping into this format, and answering questions that your customers are asking Google- we can direct users to specific pages based on the questions they are asking. 

FAQ Schema

FAQs also have another great benefit– the ability to integrate structured data with your FAQ content. Structured data, also known as schema has many benefits, and helps Google classify and index the content on your website. If you already have regular FAQ content on your website, creating FAQ schema and adding it to the relevant pages is a great way to boost your rankings.

Highly Targeted Data

One of the great things about FAQ content is that you don’t even need to come up with the questions. There are plenty of tools out there, like Search Console to Answer The Public that can provide you with popular questions that potential customers are already searching for about your services or company. With this in mind, it’s easier than ever to create FAQ content, just by providing thorough answers that can bring value to your customer base. The best part is that the questions you choose to answer can be specific to the page you’d like to bring those customers to.

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