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How Do Domain Names Affect SEO?

When creating a website for a business, the domain name you choose is usually an important decision. Because the internet has been around for quite some time now, many domain names will be taken or used in the past. When choosing a domain name, there are several factors you should consider: your brand, your business name, what your business offers, and maybe most importantly, how that domain name will affect your website’s search engine optimization. 

What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of a website as it appears in the search bar on a browser. For instance, the domain name of our website is “”. Your website’s domain name is what users will need to type into their browser to get to your website (without using a search engine). The domain name of any given website will appear just after the subdomain part of any URL and just before the subdirectory: the part of the URL that on this page, for example, is “how-do-domain-names-affect-seo”.

Does My Domain Name Affect My Website’s SEO?

When selecting a domain name, you should remember that it will become part of your business’s brand identity. Your domain name will likely be used on any advertising you do and will also be visible to anyone that visits your website. Your domain name is also an important factor in SEO – although maybe not as much as it used to be. Many websites used to try and stuff as many keywords into a domain name as possible in order to rank for those keywords; however, Google now knows better, making that strategy ineffective. Domain name is still a factor in SEO, though, because if someone were to Google a phrase that matches your domain name, your site is likely to rank highly, if not first for that query. This means that it’s still a good idea to get a domain name relevant to your products or service. For example, if you’re a plumber in Boston, and your domain name is “”, you’ll only help your SEO – not hurt it.

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