How Do Blog Posts Affect SEO?

If you’re familiar with the world of SEO, then you may find yourself thinking about what blog posts can do to optimize your site. Do they really help generate traffic? Are they a source for information outlets? Well, the questions that are most frequently asked about blog posts are answered below, as they do in fact contribute significantly to your SEO!

How Do Blog Posts Generate Website Traffic?

It’s no secret that blog posts contribute to the traffic on your site. But why is this? Well, blog posts typically are written in accordance with the most recently searched keywords. That being said, when someone searches with these keywords intact, there’s a better chance they will come across the blog post since it is optimizing with the relevant keywords. Although your page may have more in-depth information about their keyword topic, a quick and easy way to generate traffic to your site is to make a blog post about the keyword. Then by including internal links on the blog, the searcher can find more information about what they’re looking for on your site.

Are Blog Posts a Good Source of Information?

When reading a blog, it’s important to keep in mind that someone with knowledge and credibility is behind the screen. Although it is clear that they are keeping their best SEO practices in mind, the research, time, and dedication that goes into each post proves their validity. Search engines, such as Google, would not be able to rank pages with duplicate content. Therefore, the information you’re reading is authentic, unique, all while keeping the site’s SEO strategies in mind. 

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