How Did the August Algorithm Impact Local Business?

Another algorithm update has released this August. This algorithm has targeted small, local businesses & research shows that content is the main focus rather thank backlink quality. If you are a new business owner starting out your website, be on the lookout for new algorithm updates from Google! Google updates its algorithms quite frequently so it is always important to stay up to date so you don’t get penalized.

Pay attention to links

Google is very strict with the internal & external links that come from a site. Links used to be the only way you could get your website credibility when Google was just starting out.  Of course, people took advantage of this so Google found other ways to rank websites. Content is a huge part of Google’s ranking system now.

How to optimize your content

Having a small or local business can be very stressful because everything rides on your day to day performance. Not to mention local businesses don’t have a back up most of the time. However, be confident in your product & your content! Google is aware that local businesses have to be original in order to succeed. A good way to optimize your content is to update your keywords. Keywords are words you want to associate with your business with. Updating keywords will add more interest to your site & will give you more pull on the SERPS.

Organic & local results have changed

The gap between local & organic results is changing. We can see that Google is making a clear separation, organic results are being valued higher than local results. This is not the best news for local business because this means a local business will not get the higher result on SERP just because they are in the area.

What should a local business do?

We have learned from this result that Google is going through local business content & taking away its location priority on the SERPS. Local businesses need to include in more keywords & original content to not be knocked out by major corporations in the area. Follow these tips & your business will have no problem climbing the ranking on Google.





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