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How Did Google Make Image Searches Easier?

Did you know that Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day? That’s a lot of searches! Of all the different kinds of searches that Google has to offer, image searches are one of the most popular. In recent months, Google has made an effort to expand upon the normal Google search and provide users with a more user-friendly experience. Let’s take look at what they did!

What did Google Do?

A recent update now allows users who search on Google to visit the original site that an image was uploaded on. This is big news for website owners who get business through google images because it has the potential to see more visits to the website through google searches.
What are the drawbacks?
As great as this sounds, we all know there is always a catch. For pages to benefit from this update, they must be coded in AMP HTML. This is because the update itself was coded in AMP so in order for the instant page preview to load, the two must have unison coding.

What does the update actually do?

The feature itself is called “swipe to visit” and allows users to preview the page that the image was found on. At the bottom of your mobile device, you will see a small footer section that can be swiped up to a full-screen view. You can browse the page in full as if you were actually on the site. Once you are done viewing the page all you need to do is swipe down and you can go back to searching.

What are the benefits?

Google believes that it will help speed up the search process for users who are doing an image search. The Swipe to Visit feature is much more convenient than having to click through to go to the website then backtrack if you did not find what you were looking for.
There have also been announcements that the AMP traffic through Google searches will be available in Search Console.

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