How Customer Feedback Can Improve Your Rankings

If you’ve ever done research for a service or product before, then you’ve probably come across customer testimonials. Let’s face it, when you see 4 or 5-star ratings next to a product with dozens if not hundreds of reviews talking about how durable or great the product it, it affects your opinion. You are more inclined to spend your money because you know other customers have had a good experience. We see testimonials all over the web and a lot of companies put in a concerted effort to display them on their websites to show the quality of their work. Did you know that testimonials can help you rank better as well? Those little one-liners (or paragraphs) actually have value in helping your website rank better and here’s why:


It may not seem like the most properly optimized content, but testimonials are a great place to display keywords. Customers talking about locations where you provided services, as well as the services themselves, are often in your keyword family. You can even link those keywords to pages to help build out internal links. For example, let’s say you own a landscaping business called US Landscaping and John from Boston says, “I am overjoyed by the work US Landscaping did with my yard. They trimmed all my bushes, mowed my lawn, and replaced all the mulch beds. I have the best lawn in Boston now!” In just three sentences, you have your company name keyword, service keywords like trimmed bushes, mowed lawn, and mulch beds, and a location keyword. The more testimonials you have, the more keywords.

Fresh Content and Value

It’s no secret that content is king and the more content you provide the better. Google loves when your site has new content because it must recrawl your site, giving you added opportunities to get recognized. They also add value to your brand. The more credible reviews you have the more customers who come to your site will be influenced because they know the services you provide are dependable.

Now that we’ve gone over why testimonials can help, its time to talk about how to gain more!

How to Gain More Testimonials

Create a Referral Plan: The whole goal here is to help drive conversions. Persuade customers to tell their friends about your website by giving discounts to a new customer. “10 percent off for referrals”
Give A Discount Code: Give customers a reason to fill out a testimonial. You could say something along the lines of “review us and receive 10% off your next purchase”.
Email Follow Up: Ask clients that you have done business with to review your services in a follow-up email. Its always good to see what your clients think of your work after completion.

Boston Web Marketing

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