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How Conversion Tracking Can Help Improve ROI

When running online ad campaigns, conversion tracking is a free, useful tool to measure performance. It can track several different actions from customers, depending on the goals you set. With the data collected, you can analyze and better understand what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved. Through these improvements, you’ll ultimately be improving your return on investment for the campaign. Keep reading to learn what conversion tracking consists of, and how you can maximize its capabilities to improve your ROI.

How It Works

First, consider what the goal of your campaign is; Is the end goal to get consumers to buy your product? Sign up for a newsletter? Call your business? Any action that you consider adding value to your company, is a conversion that will increase your ROI. With conversion tracking, you can track these specific goals. Google breaks this down into 5 different categories of actions: Website actions, phone calls, app installs, imports, and local actions. You can add a conversion tracking tag or a code snippet to record data. This will allow you to determine how your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords are performing. So what can you do with this data?

Benefits of Conversion Tracking

By installing conversion tracking, there are a number of different takeaways to consider. You can determine which ads are leading to the most customer actions, and providing the highest return on investment.  This will help you to choose where it is worthwhile to spend your money. You can also learn about the trends of search terms that people are using to get to your ad. It’ll also give you details about the consumers who are converting, which allows you to collect useful data for future ads. These metrics allow you to determine which keywords, ads, and campaigns are performing best, and make adjustments from there. 

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