How Can You Tell What Your Converters Are Doing On Your Website?

If you have already properly set up Google Analytics on your website you are probably tracking conversions as well. Conversions can mean different things to different businesses. For service companies, like contractors, conversions are probable phone calls or contact forms. For restaurants or retail shops they might be requests for directions. For webmasters who want deeper insights on conversions, they might want to take a deeper look into Google Analytics to see the behavior of these “converters”

Set up a converters segment

Setting this up on Google Analytics is simple. First, log in to Google Analytics. Next, go to Audience > Overview. At the top you’ll see a bar that resembles this:



Next, click the “+Add Segment” button. You’ll find a predefined segment called “converters”, that looks like this:



Check that off then press apply.


This will break all you data down between all traffic, and traffic that ends in conversion. You’ll will get data that looks like this:



As you look around through Google Analytics you can now gain a deeper insight into what your converters do once they reach your website. With this new-found information, you can further optimize your website to cater to the behavior that your converters. You can look into the behavior section of Google Analytics and see what popular pages converters go on, how much time they spend on the site, pageview in more.

If you are just exploring the depths of Google Analytics this Converters segment is a great place to look around. Enjoy your new source of data webmasters!


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