How Can You Stay Competitive in Googles Local Search?

Earlier this year when Google update their  local pack from seven listings to just three, there was cause for concern from most webmasters in regards to how they can stay competitive in their market when only three local listings will show at a time. Competing for a spot in the local 3-pack has now become a challenge, but here is a list of ways that your business can stay competitive and better your chances of getting on Google’s local 3-pack

Website On-Page Content

When Google crawls your website, it is important that Google is able to read exactly where your business is located. Each of your location pages should have accurate Google Maps, schema markups and unique content.

Website Off-Page Content

Building a strong presence on listings sites like can contribute to your sites local ranking potential. These directories should have consistent citations such as name, address, and phone number.

Google Maps Listings

Once your website is displayed on Google’s local 3-pack, it is important that you are displaying the right information such as address, phone number, operating hours and starred reviews. Increasing the volume of your starred reviews should be an ongoing project and the store hours will only be displayed if they are included in your schema markups.

Increasing Local Reviews

With Google’s local pack decreasing to just three listings, the amount of space on the first page of search results has now increased. That means that reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdviser has a higher chance of being shown on the first page. It is important to build your presence on these local review sites.

Links through Offline Marketing

Showing your support to colleges, universities, charities, and nonprofits can have an impact on your online marketing presence. Google favors links that come from .edu websites and charity sites, but getting these links can be easier said than done. You can obtain these links by showing some sort of participation or support with the institution or donating some sort of service. Make sure that you are contributing to institutions that you genuinely care about.

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