How Can You Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate?

You feel like your website is doing pretty well since its attracting a lot of traffic but you’re not really getting calls or emails from them? It must be because users are visiting your website but not really staying in it. To make sure that this is the case, the best indicator to look at is your website’s bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visits in which a person navigates away from the website after viewing only one page. So how can you keep viewers on your site?

Do Keyword Research

To get traffic to your website, you’ll need to target keywords with high-value. You’ll want to pay close attention when it comes to keyword research; as many terms can have more than one meaning when being searched for. For example, if you’re a phone and gadget company and want to be found for “broken screen repair”, you may want to think about rewording the keywords. Someone searching for “broken screen repair” could be talking about their window or door screen. When users visit your site and realize it’s not what they’re looking for, they will most likely leave the site right away; raising your bounce rate.

Create Useful Content

Gone are the days of creating content for selling purposes. Users nowadays want content that is useful for them and would go to a website just to see that rather than being sold something.

Work On Website Design

If users can’t easily find information on your site, they will most likely leave. Your site should be easy to navigate with a “search” option. It should also be responsive and be able to adapt to any screen size on any device.

Create a Clear Call-to-Action

Pages that lack a call-to-action will have a hard time keeping visitors on the site. A call-to-action can be a link leading to another page, a phone number, or an email address that will cause the user to take action to get in contact with your business. If using internal links, make sure they send users to the correct location. If users are sent to a different location than they expected, it can cause them to quickly leave the site, raising the bounce rate.

Improve Your Page Load Times

In today’s society, waiting longer than 4 seconds for a website to load is out of the question. Users attend to abandon a site if it takes too long to load, and will most likely not visit the site again. Slow loading pages are not just pushing away visitors that are currently on your site, but they’re also losing potential users; as visitors will pass along to their friends that the site has a long loading page time.


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