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How Can You Optimize for YouTube?

Many digital marketing professionals know the value of YouTube. YouTube is part of Google’s Display Network and it completes the second most searches daily next to its parent company, Google. But many people don’t know one concept that can help you show up for more searches, and become a suggested video.

While people know the basics of Optimizing for Google’s. Having good descriptions, annotating your videos, NAP consistency, and descriptive titles are all the basics. But lots of people do this, so how do you end up as a suggested video? The concept is quite simple.

YouTube wants its users to stay watching videos for as long as possible. After all YouTube is monetized by its ads. The longer they keep users are watching videos, the more money they will make. Because of this, YouTube will rank your video higher if users keep watching other videos after yours.

Create a video that is high quality, and keeps users coming back and continue watching will help you gain more views. One suggestion to help keep users watching videos is to create playlists on your channels. In playlists, a video will automatically start playing after your video is finished.

Of course, this is just a suggestion. You always want to be creating content with your end user in mind. Ask yourself, does this answer the question people are searching for, or provide what the searcher is looking for?

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