How can you Optimize for Knowledge Graph while also creating Brand Authority?

We know about the growing importance of Google’s Knowledge Graph and optimizing websites so that they will show up for searches that are less generic keyword-based and rather those that reflect how the typical person might normally speak or inquire about something related to your brand. Additionally, the value of authority over your business or brand has become increasingly encouraged and an important contributor to your search rankings.  So, how can you effectively target both of these factors? Some strategies include:

  • Generate content on your site that presents detailed and top-quality answers to the queries that people might search that are related to your brand or business. Answering the who’s, what’s and how’s in the most authoritative way will not only increase your chances of landing higher up on the first page,  but also an increase your chance of receiving website traffic and gain a reputation of being an expert in your particular field.
  • Develop a strong, well-defined brand identity; creating a valuable presence online that not only distinguishes you apart from competitors, but also one that allows people to connect with you and want to talk about you.  This is ultimately the way that you are going to receive mention from other sites and sources, which makes your brand more trusted and look like one of the best authorities in your specific business.
  •  Establish and/or expand upon your authorship portfolio.  While we may have recently seen the removal of author photos, this does not mean that authorship no longer possesses value.  Authority remains a legitimate search ranking factor, as it is still one way for others to seek experts and creditable professionals in a given field.  This is also an effective way to establish your personal brand reputation when you are completing tasks such as guest blogging for brand-specific topics, allowing you to further your visibility and gain additional followers.


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