How Can You Make The Most Out Of User-Generated Content? 

Your customers can be your free marketing tool if used properly. They can also cause significant liabilities depending on how happy they are with your business. A satisfied customer or a positive review will work wonders for your marketing efforts. Word-of-mouth, the primary tool of user-generated content, will always be a powerful way to gain new customers. 


User-generated content (UGC) can even go viral, which will help spread your brand’s message to a much larger audience than your typical content. With that being said, businesses have very little control over user-generated content. Misuse or spread of misinformation related to the brand can be an issue, therefore it is important to not let your focus waver away from UGC. Keep reading below for more ways that you can make the most of our user-generated content.


Ask Your Happiest Customers For Feedback

Regularly asking your customers for feedback, and following up with the happiest customers, can help generate even more UGC. Write something simple like “review us on Google or write to us about your experience with our product!” Sending an incentive directly to your happy customers as well, such as gift cards or free company merchandise, will encourage them to promote your business even more. 


Provide Clear Templates For The Content

After a while, reposting the same user-generated content can get tiring for your followers to see. With social media, it’s easier than ever to simply repost shared content. Instead, designing user-generated content templates that are on-brand will make these UGC pop much more. Be sure to tag the creator before you repost, which will allow it to be seen by more viewers. These templates will make your UGC feel fresh and consistent with your brand. 


Provide Fun Photo Opportunities

If your business hosts in-person events or services, incorporating fun photo opportunities is a great way to build more UGC while also providing a fun experience. By utilizing fun photo opportunities, you will gain the benefit of your customers sharing these online. Be sure to publicize the proper hashtags for the attendees to use to greatly enhance visibility, awareness, and branding for your event. 


Boost UGC Using Social Advertising

Boosting and promoting brand content can be great for your branded content. Many business owners overlook boosting user-generated content through these advertising methods, although these are proven to engage significantly better than paid brand content. Marketers in any sized business should maximize the amount of UGC by setting aside a budget to amplify this content. Boosting UGC on Facebook and Instagram is one of the most efficient ways to leverage this content. 


Make Your Customer A Star

Lastly, re-sharing UGC with the same captions can quickly make your customers feel discouraged – or just a piece in the marketing game. However, adding something unique to the original message will engage your customer even more. Things like adding a GIF or quick note for the creator will make them feel a bit more important. It will show that your brand cares about them enough to repost with a little extra love. 

We understand that putting this extra attention into social media can be too much for business owners with bigger issues. At Boston Web Marketing, we have a team of social media experts who can help build a strong UGC strategy to make the most out of your platforms. Get started by contacting us at or give us a call at 8575260096 for a free website audit!

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