How can you Increase the Search Visibility of Pinterest Content?

How can you Increase the Search Visibility of Pinterest Content?

Pinterest has been appearing more and more in Google search results. From indexed boards, to pins in image results, to unique mobile results, it is clear Google considers Pinterest content to be authoritative. In fact, Pinterest ranks 8th compared to all websites for number of keywords ranking in Google’s top 20 results. Clearly Pinterest keywords are important to Google, so how can you increase search visibility of your Pinterest content?

Conduct Keyword Research

With Pinterest being the number 8 website for keywords ranking on Googles results there is no denying there is an abundance of keyword combinations that can help your brand. It is important to identify commonly occurring keywords as well as build and prioritize keyword phrases. Pinterest results on Google are primarily long-tailed descriptive keywords and phrases. Brands can then benefit from creating boards and pins surrounding these keywords & phrases.

Be Creative & Descriptive

Unique and descriptive content is important when dealing with keyword strategies. To Pinterest this means creating boards that share common themes but also provide enough distinction to fit with specific user’s needs. It is also beneficial to have well- written descriptive captions on each image.

Use Markup

Use markups to ensure the content on your website/blog is optimized for Pinterest. Use Rich Pins, which add extra details to pins from your website. There are 6 different types of Rich Pins that include information on apps, movies, recipes, places, articles & products. By identifying which relevant content types are on your website, you can implement mark up and help your website be optimized for Pinterest.

Be Active on Pinterest

Just like on other social media, level of engagement drives algorithms on platforms to determine which boards & pins should rank.  Don’t forget that pinning others user’s and website’s content can reward you.

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