How Can You Get Traffic to a New Site?

Launching a new business is a tough endeavor. You have plenty of things on your mind, from getting a new business, the operations of your company, paperwork, and a countless list of other to-do items. But what about a website for your new business? Chances are if you are starting from scratch, you’ll will have little to no traffic to start. Here a few tips to get the ball rolling!

Social Media– Social media is an easy way to get some traffic to your site when you are just starting off. Create a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest depending on your niche. Invite your friends, follow similar industry accounts and start posting. This will help develop your audience and some traffic flowing to your site. Plus, having a social presence is a good indicator that you are an active business.

Facebook Ads– One of the cheaper forms of online advertising is Facebook advertising. You can choose from different ad goals, with one option being to drive traffic. A simple ad and a budget $5 a day can get a targeted audience to your site. You can even do simple A/B testing to find out what ads work best. From here, you can run experiments to try to scale your traffic.

Google AdWords– If your website is there to convert users to sign up for something or buy a product or service then Google AdWords is an avenue to get users to a brand new website for a brand new business. You can compete with national brands for ad positioning and even the playing field with your more established local competitors.

Local SEO– If you are a local service provider with limited competition in your area local SEO can be a quick and effective way of getting traffic to your site. By implementing proper on-page and off-page SEO for a new local business, you can compete with any established competitors, and get free traffic to your website from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.



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