How Can You Evaluate Content Quality?

Whether you write content for a website or blog, quality content is essential. While you may have extensive knowledge in your industry, you’re still competing with thousands of other businesses. Measuring your overall traffic is a reliable method but incorporating other strategies is a surefire way of determining content quality.

1. Attribution

Content such as landing pages and blogs aren’t usually the last stop before a conversion. By incorporating attribution modeling, you can assign a portion of the value of a conversion to all pieces of content that a user see prior to converting.

2. A/B Testing

You can easily measure content that typically goes unnoticed (ie: form fields) by using A/B Testing methods. These tests will also make you aware of areas where content is unnecessary.

3. One Metric

The One Metric system will do a quick overview of A/B Testing, attribution method,  social shares, links, comments and then weights them to determine what is succeeding or failing.

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