How Can Social Media Impact Your SEO?

Besides strictly implementing SEO tactics on your website, you should also focus on strengthening your social media strategy to increase your website traffic, as the two go hand-in-hand. In the end, it can help your website rank better eventually, but having a high ranking on the SERPs isn’t directly correlated with having great social media. A lot more goes into improving your SEO than just writing content and optimizing your site. Here are some ways that social media can help with your SEO:

Link Building Through Social Media

The more shares you get on your social media, the more people will be able to see your content. Adding links that go directly to your site on your social media posts can help your SEO. Creating content and adding that relevant link will draw the attention of those seeing your posts. You want followers to be interested enough in your post to dive deeper. You can also use link building to work with other people in your industry. 

Increasing Brand Awareness With Social Media

Social media allows you and your brand to target potential customers and directly and answer any of their questions through comments on posts and direct messaging. Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so ensuring your company or brand has an account is super important. Increasing brand awareness will increase the returning customer base and leads through your site. You may also see an increase in direct traffic, as these customers will search for you and your company by the actual name. 

Promoting Content Through Social Media

When you write blogs and other content on your site, don’t you want to share it in other places? Social media is the best place to share your website’s new content. Social media is also the best place to show off new photos of recently-done projects, promotions, or products. That way, users can interact with likes or comments.

Engaging With The Community Through Social Media

Being able to engage your brand with the community around you is beneficial to your SEO. Social media is the perfect place to captivate the local market so that people from the area of your business will want to convert. Building a local audience will help the word spread fast about your business. Social media can help your brand tremendously and increase traffic to your site!

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