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How Can Social Media Help Me Boost Leads and Sales?

Social media marketing must be included in an overall marketing strategy in order to expand the number of leads your business receives. It’s key to increasing sales conversion and maintaining long-term relationships with your customers. Social media ROI is best measured in long-term successes, including customer loyalty, relationship management, and an improved understanding of the industry marketplace. Learn more about the key ways to utilize social media to increase your business’ sales and leads. 

Updated Content

When creating your content for social, it’s important for it to be relevant and constantly updated. This can attract new customers and also boost search engine results and increase visibility. Methods should revolve around optimized content since Google now indexes social media accounts. 

The number of likes, comments, and shares your posts get can impact how Google will rank your website.  

Positive Engagement with Customers

Engaging with prospective customers can help create a positive reputation and strengthen customer service. 32% of customers expect a business to respond to a question within 30 minutes, whereas 42% expect a response within an hour.

Not only do fast response times lead to happier customers, but studies have shown that they’re more likely to spend more money. 

Having a strong social presence can not only help respond to positive feedback and questions, but it can help while responding to negative feedback. 

Measuring Effectiveness

When measuring the effectiveness of your social media strategy, there are a few key metrics to keep in mind:


An increase in followers often leads to an increase in popularity. Keep this in mind when creating content and focus on audience engagement.

Post Reactions

Audience reactions to your post can help be an indicator for successful posts. This can help keep the focus on what users are interested in. This can be calculated in the specific platform’s built-in insight reports.

Be sure to pay attention when your brand is tagged in posts, too. Not only does this increase your brand’s reach, but you can see how the audience engages with these posts. 


Speaking of reach, social campaigns can help determine the number of people reached in and out of the target audience: the more reactions, the better the visibility. 

Soft Metrics ROI

Sales, cost-per-sale, and profit are clear indications of a successful strategy. However, they’re not the only way to measure success. 

These “soft metrics” include the number of retweets or reposts a specific post gets, whether or not there is an increase in online conversions after announcing a launch, and whether or not customers are creating conversations about their needs. 

While these insights may not directly lead to an increase in sales, they are key to measuring the effectiveness of social media, and in the long run, can lead to an increase in sales and ROI. 

Boost Leads with Boston Web Marketing

Social media marketing is key to making a successful marketing strategy. It can be a lot to manage while considering all other aspects of your business. Let the experts at Boston Web Marketing create your social media strategy that aligns with your company goals. Let us know today how we can help your business. 

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