How Can SEO Help Improve My Online Credibility?

Even if your company has excellent online exposure, a position at the top of search engine results pages, and a complex and informative website, few people will reach out to you for products and services if you cannot gain their trust.  Beyond it’s power to drastically increase your company’s ability to be found online, SEO works to increase your online credibility, making it easier for potential clients and customers to trust you.

SEO as a whole includes hundreds of different techniques used to help you get found quickly online. However, there are specific SEO techniques that work even harder to build credibility for your company in addition to maintaining or increasing the positive reputation you already have. The techniques you choose should depend specifically on your industry and target audience but, the following SEO tools should create the backbone of your credibility campaign.

  • Online Reviews

Online reviews are a major component of many users’ decision making processes because they trust comments from their peers over a company’s messaging. Make sure to monitor reviews for spam, promptly respond to any negative reviews, and have complete accounts on a wide variety of review sites. Sources such as Google+ and Yelp are a good starting point.

  • Testimonials

Much like reviews, testimonials are useful because users place a great deal of trust in real comments from real people. Customer and client testimonials can work wonders in terms of improving your online credibility so, be sure to highlight positive testimonials in your social media on directly on your site.

  • Social Media

Social media is the best way to engage on a business and employee level with customers, prospects, and your industry as a whole. Use social media to add personality to add a human element to your business. This increases the genuine affection and trust between business and customer, all of which translate into real-world ROIs.

  • Blog Posts

Blogging does more than increase content on your site, it can provide evidence of your expertise in your industry.  The more accurate, useful information you can provide to customers and clients, the more they can put their trust in you as a valuable and reputable source of quality information, products and/or services. Additionally, blogging can be used much like social media in term of humanizing your company and adding personality to your messaging.


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