How can Schema Markup Help Your Rankings?

Schema markup is a section of HTML code that can be utilized on your website in various ways to help search engines understand your content. Schema markup is code that was designed by search engines to help communicate information about websites in the form of “structured data”. The markup is specifically designed to be easily read and understood by search engine crawlers.

One of the most common, and useful, applications of schema markup is local business schema. This markup can efficiently communicate to Google the name of your business, address, and phone number. Using schema markup in this function is a great way to compliment other local SEO efforts including listing citation campaigns.

Schema, however, has many other functions that are consistently being developed. Schema can be used effectively for e-commerce sites that want to incorporate reviews of their products into search engine result pages. Schema markup for customer reviews can do just that; the markup will bring the reviews into the appearances of their products on SERPs.

Schema markup can be used for other types of content on your site, including events and images. Depending on what your website’s content is, schema markup can be very beneficial to your site.

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