How Can Proper Video SEO Help Boost Traffic?

When it comes to video and marketing, they go hand-in-hand and have been a focal point in recent years when getting content out to the masses. The best way to get the most out of your videos on Youtube is by following these nifty tips on basic Youtube SEO. In addition to performing well on Youtube, you want to make sure your videos are optimized to perform well within Google search. This way, your videos can help boost traffic to your website. When optimizing your videos you should have three goals in mind:

  • Ranking in Google
  • Ranking on Youtube
  • Getting suggested on Youtube

To help reach these goals and ensure your videos are bringing more traffic to your website, use some of these tips to help your video SEO along.

Find Video Topics

Topics for regular and video content can be a struggle to come up with after you have hit your major talking points. With videos, users are watching for a purpose so be sure the content is about what people are searching for so that you will gain views and engagement. To help pick topics, use these guidelines:

  • Turn Existing Content into Videos – This is one of the easiest ways to come up with topics and ideas for your video because you have the content already formatted out, so now you just need to film it. Get a list of your top performing blogs and turn them into a video.
  • Analyze Your Competitors – Look to see what type of videos your competitors are creating to formulate what kinds of topics are popular in your industry.
  • Try Your Ideas Through Youtube Autocomplete – By typing in your video ideas into the Youtube search, the autocomplete function of the search bar can help provide the most relevant topic ideas.


 Get More Out of Every Video You Create

When creating videos, not only do you want to get your message and brand across to your audience, you also want to cater to Youtube’s overall goals. In doing so, you can get the video platform to promote you for free as they will promote quality content that helps with their goals in search results. You want to make sure you think about watch time and engagement as the most important factors when creating a video. That way your video will be determined by Youtube as a quality video.

Video Optimization for More Traffic

Even though there are studies that show that there is not a big connection between Youtube ranking and keywords, you should still consider using keywords to your advantage. Keywords help users understand what your video is about and how relevant your video will be to their needs. When optimizing, keywords should be on your video’s upload filename, title, and description. To appear under the Youtube’s Suggest Videos section on the right, make sure to take advantage of video tags on your video. You can optimize with tags by:

  • Using browser plugins such as Tube Biddy or vidlQ
  • Search your main keywords, find ranking videos and take note of tags they are using


Multiply Reach with Video Promotion

After your video is done being published you will need to promote your video on the web. This will increase view velocity which will help your video appear more. Here are some promotion tips to consider:

  • Email it to your email list
  • Share the video on social media platforms
  • Embed video to your website or blog
  • Promote using paid traffic

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