How Can Podcasts Improve My SEO Strategy?

With the overabundance of information online, it’s up to business owners and marketers to find creative and efficient ways to promote their brand and stand apart from competitors. We hear time and time again about the many ways SEO and social media are geared to content. Few, however, think about the nontraditional forms of content available for marketing use and how they can improve their overall content marketing strategy. Blogs, landing pages, video, social media posts, and other traditional content are an effective and necessary aspect of any SEO strategy. Nevertheless, if you want to stand out, you’ll have to think outside the box!

The Podcast is an interesting method to promote your brand messaging and deliver quality content online. Podcasts offer unmatched customization for your marketing needs and offer a number of benefits for businesses of all kind.

What is A Podcast?

A podcast is a form of digital media consisting of an ongoing series of audio programs which are downloaded or streamed online. The word was originally created by combining “Ipod” and “broadcast.” Though popularity was built through Ipod users, podcasts are available for use on computers and mobile devices of all kind. The important distinction between podcasts and other types of downloadable audio is that podcast listeners subscribe to the series for regular content updates.

What’s the best way to use podcasts to improve your SEO or social media campaign? Here’s a few easy to follow tips:

Talk Is Cheap

Most podcasts are offered for free and work as an inexpensive way to connect with your target audience. People take interest in free content because they view it as low-risk, so it’s more likely that more potential customers will actively engage with the content.

Sharing is Caring

Podcasts are easily shared and encourage networking within online communities. Podcasts are more opinion based by nature so they also offer an opportunity for business owners to share their expertise on the industry. This is the kind of quality content that encourages engagement and sharing. Shared content will link back to your company to improve your SEO.

Blogging 2.0

Much like blogs and news sections on websites, podcasts are a great way to creatively link build, frequently update your site, and increase web traffic. Since this media is subscription based, listeners (a.k.a potential customers) will consistently engage with your company and have frequent exposure to your brand messaging.

Try adding a section on your site specifically for your podcasts or  combine them with your blog section. You can have a transcription of the audio to offer an option for people who like to read and, most importantly, optimize pages for the keywords used in the podcast itself. Listening is easier than reading, so podcasts offer an effective option for customers who may be too busy or uninterested to read blogs on your site. They may just be the future of blogging online!


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