How Can Plugins Affect My Website Speed?

With the rapid rise in content building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Square & others, it is now easier than ever to start a business and have a functioning website within a day. While it has become increasingly easier to build a website from scratch by utilizing “drag & drop” website builders, if you are not familiar with web design or optimization in general, it can be easy to get carried away with the nearly limitless amount of plugins & assets that can be used. This blog topic will cover some important plugins to have for any site (new or old) as well as discussing some ways as to why too many plugins can be a bad thing!

Can Too Many Plugins Slow Down My Website?

Another thing that can quickly down your site is installing too many unnecessary plug-ins. One way to figure out whether a particular plug-in is slowing down your site’s speed is by running a test such as Google Pagespeed Insights, both before and after disabling a plug-in and see how the site’s speed responds. If you find that a particular plug-in is significantly slowing down your site speed, disable it and try to find a suitable alternative! With so many plugins available if one does not work, chances are good that there is a better plugin out there that can do everything you require.

The Essential Plugins To Have For Any WordPress Site

If optimization and fast loading times are a priority, take a peek at some of the top recommended plugins for any new or existing WordPress website! For a detailed rundown of each plugin, please click here!

  • Askimet Anti Spam
  • All In One SEO
  • Gravity Forms
  • Google Tag Manager
  • W3 Total Cache Plugin

Additional Reasons Why Your Website Is Loading Slowly

Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons as to why a site may be loading slow, it can be due to sub-par hosting services, bulky Java or CSS code on the back end, or even if you have images that are improperly formatted, all of this can contribute to slow load speeds.

Caching Issues
Once you’ve loaded a web page once, your browser saves a static copy of the page to make it faster to load the page in future sessions. However, caching can sometimes cause issues while trying to load your site! To ensure that your site is always running at it’s most updated, install a caching plug-in that allows you to quickly cache your entire site, ensuring that new users receive the most updated experience, but also that all of the essential elements on your site stay loaded in their browser.

Reduce Image Size & Optimize Images
One of the most common reasons for slow down your site is having too many unoptimized images. If you have images on your site that are unnecessarily large, you can reduce their size and optimize them by installing plug-ins on WordPress. There are a variety of plug-ins that can reduce and optimize images, including Tiny PNG, so search around in WordPress for a plug-in that meets your needs!

There are a variety of plugins & methods that can help clean up your backend, but it is important to determine whether or not an additional plugin will help or hurt your site speed! Click here for more information on why your site may be loading slower than normal!

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