How Can My Brand Can Connect With Customers Through Facebook Messenger?

When it comes to social media, marketers know that social media is a great way for brands and businesses to personally connect with their customers and target audience. Social media, such as Facebook, allows brands to deliver content through a more personal avenue to their customers to strengthen the bond their audience has with that brand through different kinds of content. Whether it be static posts, videos, or through the messenger app. One way brands can directly connect with consumers is through the Facebook Messenger app. Customers can directly reach out to a rep from a brand using the app to answer any questions they need. To assist with this connection, Facebook has rolled out three new features in messenger to help start conversations with users.

3 New Features For Businesses On Facebook Messenger

The new features aimed to help communication between brands and customers include “icebreakers” for business profiles, updates to click to messenger ads, and more options for users replying to messages from a business. Let’s take a further dive into each new feature and how it can help your business or brand.

Icebreakers For Commonly Asked Questions

The feature out of the three that will probably be used the most with brands and businesses is the introduction of the ice breaker questions that businesses can add to their Messenger profile. This feature offers users who are contacting a business via Messenger to click on a common FAQ to receive automated responses. A couple of examples that could be icebreaker questions include “What are your hours today?” or “Where is your store located?”

Facebook believes having these icebreaker questions will reduce any friction in starting a conversation by surfacing common questions or topics of common interest with their audience.

Click To Messenger Ad Update

What is great about the Messenger platform for businesses is that they can connect multiple Facebook apps to assist them with anything the business needs. One of the new features Facebook is rolling out makes it easier for companies to select which app they want to use for their Click To Messenger ads. This type of dad is one that runs on Facebook or Instagram news feeds but opens a chat in Messenger when the ad is clicked on by a user.

Reply Options For Users

In an attempt to add more clarity to conversations between businesses and customers as well as helping businesses to respond better to inquiries, Facebook has added more options for customers to reply to businesses once they begin a conversation within Messenger. The new reactions allow users to use emojis to react to a response from a business. The new reply options also allow for threaded conversations within Messenger so that businesses can see which exact message a user is responding to.

These new features come after learning that more consumers want more businesses to be available via messaging platforms. While it helps with conversations, adding these features also helps businesses quest to personally attend to their customers which will drive sales and brand connection.

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