How Can Making Changes To My Website Affect My Rankings?

Making updates and changes to your website every so often is beneficial and a good idea to keep things fresh. When you make adjustments on your website, it makes search engines such as Google interpret your website as “brand-new”, which is not so good. Search engines like Google favor websites that have been around numerous years and have built up domain authority. Websites that are brand-new or are seen as brand-new to google have a long hill to climb in regards to rankings. Here is everything you need to remember and know when you make tweaks to your website.

Website Consistency

Having inconsistent aspects with your website is a quick way for it to be negatively impacted by rankings.

  • Always keep the URLs across your website consistent and do not change the URL structure
  • Try to make sure internal linking strategies stay the same
  • Keep structuring your website content and layout the same way

If these aspects do not stay aligned, Google may interpret your website as “new” and move it down the rankings.

Making Website Changes During Google Updates

As most of you know, Google is constantly changing and evolving, Changes to your website’s ranking may not always be a result of making changes to your website. If you see a negative change in your website’s ranking after a core google update, do not panic and just stay the course. More often than not, it was because of a recent google update and your website ranking should be intact in short order.

Analyze Negative Search Changes

If you cannot determine whether changes to your website or Googles updates caused a fall in rankings, look a little further. Site crawl your website and look over the crawl data. From there you should be able to spot anything unusual.

At the end of the day, always remember to tread lightly when it comes to website changes. If you have not backed up your website by now, do so as soon as possible. Backing up your website can help you restore it in a timely fashion and prevent taking a severe hit in the ranking world.

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