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How Can Local SMBs Help Their Online Traffic, Offline?

Increasing traffic to your website, and hopefully leads as well, is what SEO is about. The lion’s share of the job will take place online. But there’s always more to do, and sometimes the best ideas for local SEO come from answering the question, “How would we market this if we couldn’t use the Internet?” This is where SMBs can help themselves drive traffic through their website.

The best way you can do this is to be involved in your community, where your local audience will be looking. Organizations with websites are especially good, since they can provide you with backlinks.

Great ideas along these lines are sponsoring community events, sports teams, volunteer groups, and so on. You don’t need to pick up the whole tab– usually there’s a minimum requirement for the recipient organization or event to advertise you as a sponsor that is entirely reasonable.

Put your web address in front of your customers eyes. If it’s not on your business card, add it. On your service vehicles, too. Are you a restaurant? Set out a bowl for business cards. Give away one free lunch to grow your newsletter email list. More eyes means more awareness!

Just a few ideas to turn foot traffic and passers-by into web traffic and leads.

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