How Can Linking to YouTube Help SEO & Improve Websites?

Did you know that YouTube is a search engine owned by Google, and is one of the largest search engines to exist? YouTube currently ranks higher as a search engine than Bing and Yahoo. Many businesses spend time and money to have videos specially made to be featured on their website & social media – But did you also know that storing video files on your website takes up huge amounts of space, therefore slowing your site speed? Instead of this practice, you can upload videos to a YouTube account and embed those video links into your site. You could be further optimizing your SEO and improving your site’s speed by posting optimized videos from a YouTube account.

Optimize YouTube Videos For Search

You can easily start up your business’s YouTube account in minutes by linking it with your Gmail account. From there, you can begin posting & optimizing videos. YouTube videos can be optimized by adding relevant keyword tags, titles, & descriptions. Video titles should be limited in size and follow similar guidelines to page titles, but video descriptions can use up to three hashtags and can be more than one paragraph in length.

Share Videos on Social Media

Another benefit of having a YouTube channel is that you can share the videos on social media. This will generate traffic to your YouTube channel and add variety to your social media content. You can again use relevant keywords & hashtags on social media to ensure that your videos are seen by your target audience. You should also link to your YouTube channel where you link to your other social media accounts on your website, and make it available on your Google My Business, Yelp, & other business profiles.

Maintain Site Speed

Site speed is a top priority – Most users expect a page to load in under 2 seconds. Uploading video files to your website takes up a huge amount of space on the backend of the site, even if the files are compressed. With all of the added search & sharing benefits, plus the minimal effect on site speed, linking to videos in a YouTube channel is a better option than embedding them directly on your site.

Optimization on all fronts, not just YouTube & Google, is essential to making sure that your business ranks high in searches. If you’re looking for help on how to improve your SEO, the team of qualified professionals at Boston Web Marketing is here to help.

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