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How can Linkedin Ads Generate Leads For My Business?

From Facebook ads to Google’s AdWords, when it comes to digital advertising, there are multiple platforms and routes your company can take to reach your target audience, but have you ever considered advertising on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social media platforms, many companies and professionals use this platform to connect with colleagues and promote their business.  Since their launch, LinkedIn has become a more content-based platform where professionals can read about exciting news within their industry.

Marketers tend to overlook LinkedIn because of the challenges or misconceptions that surround it.

  • LinkedIn is not a true content platform
  • LinkedIn is focused on business connections: so it comes off as a B2B platform only
  • LinkedIn has a smaller audience than Google or Facebook

LinkedIn has two ways to set up ads: Pay Per Impression(PPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you are considering running a campaign with sponsored content, you should go with CPC because users tend to look over sponsor content on their news feed. CPC will ensure that your budget is well spent on users that share an interest in your content. If your company is seeking brand awareness, then you should use text ads for your campaign and set up your ads as PPM. PPM campaigns will allow you reach the larger audience because your budget as based on the number of impressions that your ad has.

The Types of Advertising Tools Available For Advertisers

  • Lead Accelerator
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored InMails and groups
  • Sponsor Content and Text Ads

One drawback to LinkedIn ads is that it tend to be more expensive than Facebook or Twitter ads, but it can be worth the investment. Advertisers have access to targeting tools that narrow down you target audience based on companies, titles, education, interest, etc. LinkedIn’s advertisers also have the benefit of reducing their campaign cost by doing micro-campaigns spread out over time instead of large campaigns that can cost a lot up front. These micro campaigns allow you to perform quick campaigns so that you can have relevant topics for each campaign.

If you are considering doing advertising on LinkedIn, considering asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do I know where my target audience works?
  2. Do I know the job titles of my target audience?
  3. Does my target audience have unique interests or skill?
  4. Does my target audience typically hold a certain position at a company?



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