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How Can I Write Better Content in Less Time?

As many of us know, writing unique and original content on a frequent basis is one of the major ranking factors for search engines. We strive to give users the information that they want regarding a certain topic or industry. The only problem is that sometimes life can get in the way and it’s difficult to think of what to write about, or perhaps you just simply have writer’s block.

But don’t fret! Below is a useful list of actions to take that can help not only get your creative juices flowing, but also help you produce better content in nearly half the time it would normally take.

  • Stay up to date. Reading the news is a great way to spark writing topic ideas for your next blog post. You may be thinking “but this stuff doesn’t relate to what I do or want to write about.” With a bit of brainstorming, you can relate just about anything to what you want to write about. Don’t be afraid to reference your news article or even bring in a supporting article to tie together your blog.
  • Stream of conscious writing. Many successful bloggers and authors will state that they didn’t really start succeeding in the writing realm until they started the habit of stream of conscious writing. Simply set aside 20 or 30 minutes of your day, open a blank Word document or grab a pen and paper and start writing down every thought or idea that comes into mind. You never know how many ideas you can come up with!
  • Load up on caffeine. Get a bit buzzed up on caffeine before you sit down and tackle your next writing project. Just enough caffeine will jump-start your brain and help you get your thoughts organized. Be careful though, as too much coffee can cause concentration issues and muscle shakes — which is no good for typing on a keyboard or writing on paper.
  • Plan topics ahead. Having a list of blog topics is something that many bloggers and content writers will do to stay ahead of the game. If you have a spare 5 or 10 minutes during your day, write down a few blog topic ideas that will get you through the next few weeks. Writing everything in advance will also help keep you organized and will also make you a faster writer, especially if you’ve laid out a draft already.
  • Turn on some tunes. For those who are lucky enough to be able to concentrate better while listening to music, go ahead and turn up the tunes. It’s highly recommended that you purchase noise-cancelling headphones in order to block out all distractions. If you have trouble concentrating while listening to music, try a genre without lyrics, or just but on some background ambiance sounds.

If you’ve been hitting a writers rut the past few weeks, it’s recommended that you try one of the above suggestions at a time to see which one works best for you. Many people will often adopt a couple of these strategies, although there are other ways of generating good content if none of these work. Whichever you choose, it’s guaranteed to keep your creative juices flowing while saving you tons of time.

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