How Can I Write an Effective Call to Action?

Two key ingredients to make a good call to action, or CTA, is time and creativity. Here are five tips on ways to write call to actions so you can peak interest in your users in what you share on your site!

1) Instant Gratification– People hate waiting on anything, so use that to your advantage and capitalize on it by getting people to respond to your offering if speed is the main concern. For example, “Need an estimate on your move? Get an answer in seconds from one of our movers!” This CTA implies that someone will be available to be at the users request instantly which is a great CTA on a website.

2) Using Emotions- A powerful motivator to get someone to act on something is by using their emotions. By creating an emotional call to action whether it is fear, sadness, or nostalgia you can get the reaction you want to motivate users to take action and use your product over other brands.

3) Problem Aggravation- This type of call to action is the most popular and successful format. By identifying an issue, then explaining what would happen as the problem persists, and solving it with your product or services creates a great CTA. By provoking the problem, you can create a motivation on what people don’t want to experience if they wait to act.

4) Benefits- Focus on the benefits of your brand! This is another commonly used call to action strategy where focusing on your services or products over the features is an amazing way to show potential consumers what they will experience after they act. It also helps you stand out from the crowd in a saturated market.

In conclusion, mixing up and creating new call to actions is the best way to not get stale but if these formulas work for you, go back to them often and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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