How to Write an Effective Call to Action

Calls to action are what prompt your website visitors to fill out a contact form, click to call you, or make a purchase – Meaning they turn from merely a visitor to a conversion in your analytics. Calls to action should be scattered throughout a website so that users have plenty of opportunities to get in touch with the business. The best calls to action are simple and concise, and easy for users to complete. Check out some more tips to maximize your calls to action!

Instant Gratification

The modern generation does not like to wait. Luckily you can use that knowledge to your advantage and capitalize on it by catering to those where speed is the main concern. For example, “Need an estimate on your move? Get an answer in seconds from one of our movers!” This phrasing implies that someone will be available to be at the user’s request instantly. If you’re able to guarantee fast service, mention that!

Using Emotions

A powerful motivator to get someone to act on something is by using their emotions. By creating an emotional call to action whether it is fear, sadness, or nostalgia you can get the reaction you want to motivate users to take action and use your product over other brands. Include descriptive words in your call to action of what the user will gain from your services.

Problem Aggravation

Identifying an issue, explaining what would happen as the problem persists, and solving it with your product or services creates the perfect reason for users to take the call to action step. Bringing their problem to the users’ attention will make them want a solution, and you can then lay one out right in front of them.


Your calls to action (and the majority of your content) should focus on how your services will benefit the consumer. This is another commonly used call to action strategy where focusing on your services or products over the features is an amazing way to show potential consumers what they will experience after they act. It also helps you stand out from the crowd in a saturated market.

It is best to include as many calls to actions as possible wherever they belong on your website. With that said, avoid having so many that your pages appear more like spam than quality content. For help optimizing your website for search results & conversions, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing. 

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