How can I view an older version of my website?

Have you ever needed to find something on an older version of your website? If you launched a new website odds are that you may have missed something that you need from the old site. Lucky for you there is a way to recover some of the content of your old site if it has been either deleted, written over, lost or otherwise destroyed. is a great site to recover old content. This site takes a snap shot of your website over its life online. It’s important to note that not all pages of your site may have been recorded by, but it can be a life saver if the page has been read and stored.

Enter your website into the section called “The Way back Machine” and will spit out every snap shot of your website that they have stored. Months and even days way have multiple different versions stored. Click on a day and select the time and will load the stored version of the site for you.

It’s that simple!


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By Matthew Wilkos

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