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How Can I Utilize Unique SEO Tactics For Better Optimization?

Do you feel like you’re receiving the same results no matter what you do to work on your search engine optimization? Continue reading if you’re tired of using the same skills for every website task. Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently with unique SEO tactics for better link building, keyword research, and content optimization. Read below to discover more.

Where Can I Gather Phrases With High Ranking & Low Competition?

Many people look over a free tool when writing their metadata is Ahrefs. This website allows you to input data specific to your brand or company. It will produce keywords for you to utilize that have a high search volume for ranking but are low in the competition your business faces. Ensuring that you’re getting organic traffic from high-ranking keywords is the goal for every SEO company. Utilizing a site that produces high-quality words with very little competition will help your optimization significantly.

What Can I Do To My Content To Rank Higher?

As many people know, incorporating header tags, metadata, links, and a call to action are top priority measures when writing content on your website. These are essential steps in the world of SEO. But, did you know that if you incorporate frequently asked questions, it will help you show up in “People Also Ask” on Google, increase your on-page time, and get you more featured snippets? This is a simple yet effective step when writing content that can help your optimization flourish.

What Is Anchor Text And How Can It Help Me?

Anchor text is the underlined and blue colored font where hyperlinks display that allows you to click onto it and bring you to another location on the web. By using longer anchor text, you’re giving Google more context to decipher and increasing your click-through rate. Instead of linking up a singular word, link up a phrase or group of words to provide Google with more context. You also may create better chances for a user to click on a term to learn more as opposed to a singular word. In addition, this will decrease the bounce rate and increase the time spent on your page.

How Can I Get Started?

If you’re looking for additional unique optimization skills, Boston Web Marketing has the best-trained experts to assist you. If you’re looking to get in touch with one of our professionals today, you can call us at (857) 526-0096 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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