How Can I Utilize Social Media with Email Marketing?

Social Media MarketingDue to the expanding size and reach of social media, it is important that you utilize these tools with your email marketing efforts. There are currently over 800 million active users on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., which makes it that more important you take into account the necessity of social media during any and all marketing campaigns.

Here are a few tips on how you can utilize social media with your email marketing efforts:

1.  Subscription forms

Integrating subscription forms on your social media outlets are a gateway to email marketing success. Not only does this give users easy access to sign up for your email subscription, they are also willingly signing up for these perks. One of the biggest issues with email marketing is businesses who buy contacts or distribute emails to users who did not sign up for their services. This can backfire on your email marketing campaign, so always be sure to give users the option to opt-in or not.

2.  Offers/Discounts/Contests/Giveaways

One way of attracting users who are both new and current is by offering them some sort of discount. By announcing discounts and offers on social media, you can ask potential customers to sign up for your subscription.

3.  Referral programs

Get your current subscribers involved by creating a referral program. Come up with different incentives (offers, discounts, contests and giveaways) by having them get others to sign up.

4. Be relevant and unique

With over 800 million active users on social media, there is a lot of competition out there. Just because you have succeeded in getting your subscribers, doesn’t mean it is time to stop whatever social media efforts you have been making to acquire these. You need to consistently be using your social media and email marketing efforts, coming up with unique content and ideas and remaining relevant to your industry.

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