How can I Utilize Hashtags Throughout Social Media?

We see them all over the web and throughout social media. From Instagram to Facebook, hashtags have become an often occurrence in posts. The question is, why should you care about hashtags and how do they affect your social media management? Let’s first start off with defining exactly what a hashtag is. A hashtag is a social media tagging system that categorizes content and posts. Categorizing posts then becomes a useful tool when people begin to search through them with a specific keyword tagged. It expands your reach then in return increase your activity. Hashtagging on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram has a direct correlation to the success your post will receive.

Twitter: Tweets that include hashtags get twice as much engagement (replies, favorites & retweets). We encourage keeping your hashtags between 1-2 because after that activity begins to drop off.

Facebook: Hashtags on Facebook are less important. People don’t search hashtags as much as twitter and Instagram but they can still be useful. Keep the number to the same as twitter (1-2 per post) because interactions tend to drop down significantly after this.

Instagram: If you have a Business Instagram, we highly suggest you use hashtags. Different from the other social media outlets, posts with hashtags see the highest interaction rate at 11 hashtags. Incorporate hashtags relevant to your picture and also keep them simple.

Google Plus: Google Plus automatically assigns your post with hashtags similar to your content. You do have the ability to add and remove them yourself though. Adding hashtags within your comments section is also a good tool to double the chances of being found.

Social Media is a powerful tool to help market your business. Be sure to utilize every aspect of within these platforms to your full advantage by including hashtags. If you have more questions or would like Boston Web Marketing to manage your online reputation feel free to give us a call at (857)526-0096.

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