How Can I Utilize Facebook for My Business?

As social media becomes more and more prevalent in society each and every day. With numerous platform options, deciding on which ones to utilize as a business owner can be overwhelming but by sticking to the big three – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – you will be able to promote your business, your website, and your overall brand to variety of customers and potential customers. Out of these three platforms, Facebook has the largest amount features and tools within the platform itself that can help you drive traffic to your website.

1. Ads

Facebook Ads are very customize-able, making them a great option for promoting any part of your business. Whether you’re hoping to increase the amount of ‘likes’ on your Facebook page or promoting an upcoming event, there are different options depending on your marketing objective as well as hundreds of demographics to choose from so that you zone in on the type of person that would benefit the most from your goods and/or services. Facebook also owns Instagram, so when you run ads on Facebook, they will also run on Instagram at no additional cost.

2. Stories & Live

Utilizing Facebook stories and the new Facebook Live feature are a personalized way to grow the awareness about what you do. Have a new product you want to promote? Set a date and time to hold a Facebook Live and let your followers know you’ll be showcasing a new product, will be answering any questions, and you could even offer a promotional code! This helps inform viewers about your new product in a casual setting where they can easily ask questions and get immediate answers, and if they like what they see, they’ll head over to your website and order one for themselves.

3. Pages

A Facebook page is essentially a social media profile (like the one you set up on Twitter) for your business, but on Facebook’s platform. This is where you will be able to engage with the users that have ‘liked’ the page, share photos of your products, services, and current promotions going on. When you run Facebook Ads for your business, you have the opportunity to run them through your Facebook page and connect to your Instagram account, too.

4. Jobs

The job tool is a newer addition to Facebook and is very beneficial if your business is hiring. At no additional cost, you are able to post a specific job, add details, ask questions, and have applications sent to you via email from candidates. When you set this up, it connects to your business’ Facebook page, further promoting brand with potential for these candidates to ‘like’ your page and potentially drive traffic to your website.

5. Events

Similar to the functions of the job tool, the event tool allows you to post about a specific event your business is hosting at no additional cost. This can be a public or private event and allows you to include the details (time, location, etc.) and add a photo. This tool helps promote an upcoming event to a wider range of people without having to send out individual emails.

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