How Can I Utilize Bing for my Business?

While it may not be as popular as Google, utilizing SEO for Bing can help your site reach millions of users. Many of the practices that work for Google also work for Bing, so it is quick and easy to optimize your site for both search engines. Bing is highly favorable among image and video searches, so if your site offers high-quality media, utilizing Bing can put you ahead of your competitors. Read more on the best ways to use SEO for Bing. 

Create a Bing Places Account

If you haven’t already, you should take advantage of Bing Places. This is a similar idea to Google My Business. If you already have a GMB account, you can easily sync the listings to each other instead of manually entering the information in. Click here to learn more about creating a GMB account. Like Google, Bing prioritizes accounts that have verified Bing Places accounts, complete with external links, images, and other helpful information. Accounts should also have links to any and all social media accounts for your business. Social media accounts should be updated and have relevant content, which leads us to the next practice…

Optimize Social Media Platforms

Social media is a tool that should always be used and optimized for any business. While the best platform may depend on your business and its audience, social media should be used regularly. Similar to Google, Bing Places allows you to link your social media accounts. From there, Bing will rank platforms higher than others if they are appropriately updated. It will pay attention to how you gain followers, so don’t attempt to buy your followers. Content of the posts should be authentic, genuine, and of high-quality to the audience. 

On-page SEO Best Practices

While we already know keywords are an important tool for Google, they are also wildly important for Bing. More specifically, Bing would rather see exact, long-tail keywords as opposed to short ones. Using more keywords in metadata, URLs, and the first paragraph of any blog can help improve search results on Bing. Additionally, Bing appreciates and prioritizes high-quality content just like Google. You should still add links and images to each post and properly answer the question posed. 

Avoid Black Hat Tactics

Just like Google, you should always avoid any black hat SEO tactics to avoid penalization. Google and Bing will remove your listings if you are suspected of using black hat tactics. Duplicate content, link spamming, and keyword stuffing are examples of some of these practices. While Bing does like to see exact keywords, that does not mean every meta description should be filled with keywords that do not make sense. Your posts can get pushed to a lower-ranked page on Bing or taken off entirely if you’re practicing keyword stuffing or other black hat tactics. 

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