How Can I Use Social Media to Promote My Brand?

In this day and age, everyone is on social media.  The world is more interconnected than ever before and that allows ideas to spread almost instantaneously.  If you have a product or brand that you are trying to get the word out about, you have the greatest brand awareness building vehicle ever created at your disposal. In order to get the most out of your social media presence, it is important to know a few key things:

Which Platforms Should I Use?

There are many different social media sites, with new ones being invented every day.  However, when trying to build your brand, there are a few important ones to focus on, depending on your business:

Facebook: The biggest social media site in the world, with over 1 billion users, Facebook is the most important social media platform to have a presence on.  Facebook’s Business Manager allows you to create and manage a page about your business, including features like analytics tracking and ads. With so many active users, it is important to have a consistently active presence on the site to help build brand awareness.  Interacting with your client base on the site can help generate even more interest, as well as give your brand a level of transparency that makes it more welcoming.

Twitter: Like Facebook, Twitter has an enormous user base, with over 68 million active users.  While Twitter allows you to run ads like Facebook, Twitters greatest benefit is its ability to build user interaction.  Brands like Wendy’s and Nike have done an excellent job of humanizing themselves and creating a personable brand online that users feel comfortable interacting with.  This results in oftentimes humorous interactions between the brand and users which are retweeted en masse and provide the brands with tons of free promotion.

Instagram: If you have a brand or product that is very visual, such as clothing, Instagram is your best friend.  Another wonderful platform for user interaction, Instagram’s easy to use interface makes it a breeze for users to search through your content.  Hashtags, like Twitter, allow users to search for specific products, or ideas, and if you use the right ones, you could get your brand in front of a large user base with just a few keywords.

The best thing about all of these platforms is that you can cross-promote them on one another.  Just shared a beautiful image of your dinner special? Share it on Facebook with details about the restaurant’s hours tonight.  Answer your clients questions about where the location is and encourage them to share the post with their friends!

Content is Key

You could have a million social media accounts, but if you don’t fill them with content, you won’t see any users on your site.  Above all else, it is important to write and create engaging and unique content that people are interested in and willing to interact with.  If you can write content that people find useful, they may be willing to share it with their friends and family, creating free promotion for your brand.  

Increase Website Traffic and SEO Rankings

Another great way to help build your brand via social media is to add links in your social media back to your website.  Have a promotion you want to push? Pin it to the top of your Twitter page, and link it in your Instagram and Facebook bios! Use your brand’s personality and charm to steer users back to your website where you can convert them into sales or leads.

Interaction is Important

Whichever social media platforms you decide to use, one of the easiest, and most entertaining ways to extend your brands reach is to interact with people.  Instead of creating accounts specifically to push products and generate leads, be sure you are conversing with your clients. Whether you are simply providing your users with information about an event this evening, or you decide to joke around with your users while answering their brand questions, you will be creating a personality for your brand.  Doing this effectively can help your brand spread via word-of-mouth, as people will laugh about the funny joke you posted, or the friendly jab you made at a competitor.


Lastly, remember to be consistent with everything.  Post high-quality, unique content multiple times a week.  Be responsive to user requests and inquiries on your accounts.  Develop a voice and brand personality. Run ads on a regular basis.  Use your hastags and keywords. There are so many tools at your disposal and using all of them concurrently can do wonders for promoting your brand. If you establish yourself as a cutting edge brand, with interesting, engaging content, the word will spread and you will see your website and brand traffic increase.  Just remember to keep up with what you start so users don’t go to your site expecting to see new content, finding none, and going to a competitor instead.


Social Media is a wonderful tool for promoting your brand.  You can reach millions of people with just a few clicks, and businesses are getting better at promoting themselves on it everyday.  Make sure to stay ahead of the curve by cultivating your businesses presence on as many social media sites as possible, and keeping a consistent, humanized voice on all of them.  Be the brand that people want to interact with and consume content from, and you will become the brand that everyone talks about.

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