How Can I Use SEO to Maximize Search Visibility?

At Boston Web Marketing we specialize in SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which consists of many factors and can bring about a variety of results for different companies. SEO can consist of content creation, social media, blogging, web design, and a myriad of different digital marketing techniques all of which work together to reach your business’ target audience and increase overall exposure. Today, we would like to focus on search visibility and how you can use SEO to maximize it.

The common phrase, “content is key’ couldn’t be more true in 2015. We are in an age of content clutter, a data explosion larger than any other time in history with no signs of slowing. A recent article by ACI puts things in perspective saying:
“Think of it this way—five exabytes of content were created between the birth of the world and 2003. In 2013, 5 exabytes of content were created each day.”
That’s a tremendous amount of data to compete with for exposure. Here’s a few simple SEO techniques that can help your content get in front of eyeballs.


Combine Great Content with Quality SEO
SEO is more than just adding keywords into content though it is a crucial part of the process. Be sure to use SEO techniques to uncover and avoid content findability issues such as site design, navigation, mobile usability, and keyword or content issues that will cause search engines to skip your content or give it a low rating. This requires a great deal of time and effort but it is worth it!

Write Engaging, Optimized Page Titles
An often ignored aspect of SEO, write pages titles as if they were headlines – they often, by default, become the headlines of pages shared socially. Bing, Yahoo, Google and other search engines give these tags significant weight in ranking, making the title tag the single most important piece of optimizable content on a site. You only have 50-70 characters to convey your message through a page title so remember to not only think in terms of keywords but the readers view.

Properly Use Keywords
With keyword integration the content, headings, page titles, meta-descriptions, and tags must all be aligned to the same topic – but that doesn’t excuse keyword repetition. Advanced search algorithms like Google’s look for an authoritative understanding of the topic at hand, meaning a variety of words frequented in authoritative documents on the topic are necessary. Work beyond a single keyword phrase and think about the topic as a whole. This will give you an authoritative edge, higher ranking, and the trust of your viewers who will choose your content over that of your competitors.

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