How Can I Use Pop-Ups to Effectively Increase Conversions? 

While there are many tactics that marketers use to try to increase conversions or leads on their websites, one of the most popular strategies is the use of pop-ups. Although pop-ups tend to get a bad rap of being annoying, distracting, and unuseful, when done right, they can be an effective way to move consumers further down the funnel. It’s important to display them at an appropriate time and offer something relevant to the user that’ll attract their attention. If you’re considering using pop-ups on your website, we’ve put together some tips to help you make them as effective as possible for increasing conversions. 

Grab Their Attention on Landing Pages 

Did you know that landing pages with pop-ups actually convert higher than landing pages without one? When users land on your page, you can assume that it’s because they have a curiosity or interest in what you have to offer. It can be effective to take advantage of this initial curiosity and hit them with a pop-up early on that offers them some sort of discount or freebie in exchange for their contact information. Engaging the user early on is key in getting them to convert. 

Give Useful Information

One of the main reasons that users have negative feelings towards pop-ups, is because typically they are salesy and aggressive. You can combat this by offering helpful information in your pop-up that gives your site credibility and begins building trust in the user. For example, you can offer them a free download of a manual or article about your products or services. 

Offer Support

An increasingly effective type of pop-up is a live chat or support feature. Websites that offer some sort of support function appear to be more personal and helps to build trust among customers. 

Remind Customers to Complete Their Purchase

On e-commerce sites, you might even try using a pop-up that reminds buyers of abandoned items in their cart. Try using a pop-up on exit intent that says “Looks like you forgot something!” with a link to their cart or to continue shopping, and you may even extend a special discount, too.

Create Urgency

Pop-ups can also be effective to remind customers of limited time offers or sales. Creating a pop-up that has a countdown saying “Buy now! 10 hours left of free shipping!” or something similar, will create a sense of urgency for the customer. It encourages them to take immediate action on your website and ultimately convert. 

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