How Can I Use My Google My Business Profile as a Management Tool?

With the recent updates to Google My Business, business owners and marketers now have the platform as a tool to not only update minor changes such as holiday hours but to build customer relationships and monitor engagement, further opening the area to become a more efficient management tool.

Google has recently launched a newer version of the Google My Business app for business owners and marketers, providing an improved customer visibility and better user engagement.

What’s new on the Google My Business App?

  • The app has an improved business profile editor
  • The new Post button allows for photos to be uploaded
  • The Customers tab provides better user engagement for users to interact with the profile by reading or writing reviews, messages, and following businesses
  • The Follow tab shows users following the business profile
  • The Messages tab features customer messages from Google Maps and Search
  • The new bottom navigation bar provides access to business profiles and customer interests
  • The new update also provides users with real-time notifications about new reviews, messages, and followers on the profile

What does the update mean for business owners and marketers?

Google My Business has transitioned from a place where business owners and marketers uploaded basic business information such as location, hours, and phone numbers, to an engagement platform that enables business owners and marketers to monitor how customers engage with their profile.  With the new updates, GMP app users can also view analytics and Local Insights in a more simplified view that makes understanding data easier.

How can I leverage using Google My Business as a management tool?

Known as the leading reputation management platform, Google My Business is more than just a place where you can update your holiday hours and monitor your customer reviews.  It’s now a platform where you can showcase your latest products, engage with customers, and monitor user engagement using Local Insights.

Will this become the new Google+?

Since Google announced last month that the Google+ platform will be discontinued in August 2019, Google My Business seems like it could be the new social networking platform, since it allows users to follow the brand and get alerts, etc.

Google My Business seems to be the better option since the platform is a more efficient tool to promote content on your business profile and have the opportunity to appear within search results.  Google Posts provides Google My Business profile users an opportunity to better showcase their new products, services, blogs, and events all on one platform.

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