How Can I Use LevelUp to Improve Customer Loyalty?

When it comes to customer acquisition, the goal is not only to get new customers and increase conversions, but to keep customers coming back. The long-term goal is to turn new customers into loyal customers that stay with you for a lifetime. Value seeking customers are drawn to incentives like discounts, rewards, and free offers. LevelUp is one easy and valuable way to meet the needs of both your business and your customers.

What Is LevelUp?

LevelUp is a free app available on android and iOS that allows users to connect their credit/debit card to a custom QR code and to pay for products or services at businesses nationwide through their mobile device. Business owners offer loyalty campaigns that allow business owners to attract new customers with one-time incentives and to reward loyal customers with customized incentives after spending a designated amount. The major bonus to business owners is that there are zero payment processing fees. The benefits for business owners don’t stop there;  businesses rebates are available for every new user who makes a purchase and rewards are available for employees that acquire new LevelUp users.

How Can I Use LevelUp to Improve Customer Loyalty?

The power of LevelUp is in the diverse incentives you can offer to customers who use the program, while also making payment fast and easy. Instead of offering customers a loyalty card that can easily be lost or forgotten, this all-in-one loyalty service is integrated in the one thing they won’t leave home without: their mobile device! By offering immediate incentives and also providing a goal for customers to meet ($5 off after spending $20), LevelUp encourages customers to keep coming back. This is just what you need to keep your company strong in your customers’ minds so, even without incentives, they are likely to visit your business.


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