How Can I Use Humor in My Marketing?

Everyone loves a good laugh and humor has the power to instantly make your business more engaging, relevant, and, most importantly, approachable. Many people however shy away from adding humor to their marketing strategy because of the thin line between funny and inappropriate. Not to mention, being funny is a challenge –we’re not all natural-born comedians.


There are many ways to use humor in your marketing outreach but what is the right way? Here are a few tips that will help you put smiles on your customers’ faces and money in your pockets.

Know Your Target
It’s important to know the personality of your target audience before you plan a comedic approach. You have to know the level of comedy your audience can handle in addition to the type of comedy they respond to the best. A good tip is to use social media as a way to measure the comedic interests of your target. Is there a video, gif, or image that shows a lot of reach and engagement with the type of people you market to? Use that as inspiration!

Balance is Key
Though humor is a good thing, it can become annoying or off-putting if overused. The point is to give your brand or business some personality and to engage with your audience not as a marketer but a real person. Use humor as another element to break up the heavy sales messaging.

Be Sensitive
You never know what can rub your audience the wrong way. Humor, when crossing over into insensitivity, will backfire and do more damage than good for your company or brand. Avoid saying anything that can be misconstrued as racist, sexist, ageist, etc.


Key Takeaway:
Using humor in marketing gets results. In the massive sea of online content, it’s important to show off your creativity and demonstrate an effort to truly connect with your audience. Humor does just that while giving you a competitive edge.


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