How Can I Use Google Tag Manager to My Advantage?

When working in the marketing and SEO fields, you have all sorts of tools at your disposal to capitalize on potential gains for your clients. One of these tools is Google Tag Manager, which you have hopefully heard of. It’s completely overhauled how we apply tags and scripts onto websites. Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers who either aren’t using this tool or simply aren’t utilizing it to its fullest potential. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use Google Tag Manager to have more of an impact across the web.

1.) Better Understand Website Behavior

When you use Google Tag Manager, it’s much easier to track user actions, conversions, and overall behavior with auto events. This allows you to track clicks on certain areas of any given page, video interactions, and even the scrolling behavior of your users. Electing to take advantage of auto events means you can also track downloads and form submissions. The latter two insights are crucial to informing marketers on how to improve conversions and engagement.

2.) Improve Website Traffic Data Accuracy

Using Google Analytics is more or less synonymous with a marketer’s existence. We use it to inspect several types of data and traffic for our client interactions and reports. Want to eliminate spam? You can find a Google Analytics filter for that. The number of filters only goes up to 100 in Analytics, so if you have a high number of internal IPs you’re looking to not include, you can make use of Google Tag Manager to block triggers. In Tag Manager, you build blocking triggers with both a custom variable and a custom event trigger. If you choose to utilize a blocking trigger, it’ll exclude those traffic types from all Google Analytics views, even the unfiltered view.

3.) Apply Structured Data

While it can be difficult for marketers to implement structured data, it is key to improving organic search results. If this is something you find yourself struggling with, Google Tag Manager can make it easy for non-tech folks to apply structured data on any page of the website the structured data is implemented on.
These are just a few of the ways Google Tag Manager can help you become a more efficient marketer. If you feel as though the technical help you get at work is lacking, Google Tag Manager can help lighten that burden. Up your marketing game without having to sweat all of the technical aspects and start using Google Tag Manager!

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