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How Can I Use Google Analytics to Increase My Conversions?

Today, most website owners and marketers have Google Analytics installed on their websites and view their website traffic. Beyond just seeing how many visitors you’re getting to your website, you can find opportunities to optimize your content. Taking a deeper look into your analytics will give you insight into changes and improvements you can make. Behavioral and engagement metrics give you insight into how users react with your site and make future content opportunities more clear. See how you can learn from your analytics to make substantial impacts on your SEO.

Take a Mobile-First Approach

These days, more internet users are surfing the web from their phones than ever before. Don’t stop there after noticing that you’re getting more traffic from mobile visitors; look out how they engage on your website. Look at how many conversions you’re getting on mobile landing pages. Check out bounce rates; extremely high bounce rates will help notify you of pages that aren’t mobile-friendly or are downright broken. 

Examine Site Search Results

Not all websites are equipped with site search, but if your website has it enabled, take a look to see what users are searching for. You can see how many people are searching. This helps you create content that will resonate with your visitors and possibly drive more traffic to your website in the future. If something on your website is being searched frequently, it probably isn’t linked well enough on the site and should be featured more prominently either on the menu or on the main page. 

Improve Your Top Performing Pages Even More

The whole point of your website is to get more sales or outreach if you offer a service. One of the easiest ways to do this is by improving existing pages that you already have that provide you with conversions. Take a look at your top landing pages and review them. Notice where your calls to action are, how the content is structured and organized & how you address keywords. Use your winning strategies across pages that aren’t performing so well and implement them here. Performing keyword research is much easier after you know what works for your website visitors. If you see a pattern of traffic decreases throughout your site, there may be some technical or backend issues with your website. 


Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools for marketers to gain insight into their website’s traffic and visitor behavior. This information is critical in developing a strong SEO strategy for your brand. You need to use key information to make informed decisions to reach the top of SERPs and increase conversions on your website. Check out our guide for building your content strategy or contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today for help getting your business noticed online.

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