How can I use Email to Boost Organic Traffic?

Email marketing is essential for not only engaging with customers but it can help your search engine rankings. Email marketing is direct marketing that lets businesses share their new products, services, and updates with the customers on their contact list. It is a great marketing tool for allowing old and new customers to become reminded of the products offered. In terms of digital marketing, it is an excellent tool because it directs users to the website whether they are looking for a product or more information. Are you looking for how to use email to boost your organic traffic? Here are four ways you can use email to boost organic traffic.

4 Ways to Use Email to Boost Organic Traffic


1.It helps you understand your users

Do you wonder why users are opening the emails you have sent? It is because they are interested in your products or services. When you offer them something that is relevant to them or may offer some value, you grab their attention. They will be very interested in opening an email and considering buying or booking an appointment with you. There are three main types of user intent:

  • Navigational- the user is trying to get to a particular site
  • Informational- where the user is looking for information
  • Transactional- when the user is ready to buy or perform an action

2.Use newsletters with content exclusive to the email list

When thinking about writing content for email lists, it is crucial to make the users on that list feel important and exclusive. Creating newsletter content designed solely for the email list lets those users think they are in on the secrets and are unique. These newsletters are a great way to have users interact with your business and get to learn a little bit about it. It gives them something to look forward to, and with the right type of content, they will get very excited to read them. Whether it is a weekly or monthly newsletter, adding a “read more” tab on the email is best to get the users to click on your website.

3. Ask for reviews

Everyone knows reviews are the best way to get feedback and support while attracting potential new customers to your website or business. Most people read the reviews when unsure about trying a new product or service. They can easily influence a consumer’s decision in whether or not to give your company a chance. Getting those consumers to write a review is the challenging part. Most people read reviews, but very few people want to take the time to write a review of their own. With email marketing, you have a great chance to get those customers to write a review after their transaction. Sending review emails is most effective after their purchase because they have a higher chance of taking it when hanging out at home. Keeping your review email short and to the point or having a coupon for your next purchase makes businesses much more likely to get a response. 

4.Combine email with social media

Separately, both email and social media are effective marketing strategies. But by combining the two, you opt-in for an extra powerful marketing tool. Using your social media accounts to get users to engage on your email list is a great way to spread the word. Letting your social media fans know about the exclusive newsletters and even secret updates about a new product launch or pre-sale will make more and more users want to join the list. This allows you to boost your communication with users and make it a more personalized interaction. The effectiveness of both email and social media will grow rapidly when combined. 

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