How Can I Use Competitors’ Keywords to My Advantage?

Keyword research is a necessary and occasionally dull part of your search engine optimization, searching for the best keywords to capture website traffic and leads. You’ll need to locate the keywords that are relevant to your business, determine which perform the best, and optimize your content to rank. Figuring out which keywords perform the best can be difficult if you do not know which tools to use. If you are looking for well-performing keywords, take a look at your competitors to see what they’ve been using. You’ll be able to get an idea of possible keywords to use as well as detecting keywords where you will see less competition.

How Can I Perform Keyword Research on My Competitors?

There are several ways you can perform keyword research to find your competitors’ keywords as well as some of your own:

  • Paid Keywords: You can use the Google Keyword Planner to see how much your desired keywords would cost per click, as well as the level of competition for each and the average range of searches each month. The Keyword Planner also allows you to type in your URL and will auto-populate suggested keywords based on your existing content. You can perform this for each of your competitors’ websites in order to determine which keywords will work best for your needs.
  • Organic Keywords: Using your main keywords, such as the towns in your service area and each of your services, perform searches to see where your competitors land and if you are ranking. For each keyword, you find yourself below your competition, create and optimize content to build up your presence.
  • Take both lists and combine them to create a baseline for the keywords you need.

What Should I Be Looking For?

Obviously, you want to be able to rank as high as possible to drive traffic and business to your website. In addition to more competitive, high-traffic keywords, you should take a look and see which words and phrases yield a smaller search volume. Since fewer users are entering them into search, it will be easier for you to rank for each phrase and become the expert. If there are keywords that your competitors have done little to no work on, it may be best to avoid using them in your optimization efforts. There may be little to no return on investment down the line for those keywords. If you find a keyword with potential, work on it. You can grow your strength in the keyword in order to push up your ranking on the page.

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