How Can I Use Chrome Dev Tools to Improve My SEO?

Google Chrome is an incredibly popular web browser for both users and SEO specialists alike. From a user standpoint, it’s the default browser for one of the most popular search engines in the world in Google. From an SEO perspective, it’s a great tool to see all of the properties of the website through coding and other elements, which can be very helpful for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a site’s SEO. Accessing this tool is simple; right click on a page, and select the “Inspect” option, which will prompt a window to open next to the webpage and display the various properties of it. So how can you utilize this tool to maximize your SEO?

Evaluate Your Website’s HTML Structure 

One of the first things you see when you open Google DevTools is the coding behind the website, including the HTML. The HTML is incredibly important to a website as it is the structural foundation of it. Without the proper tags and spacing implemented, it would be a complete mess and your website’s SEO would drown. Google’s DevTools allows you to not only see the HTML of the site, but to also highlight parts of it with your mouse while also displaying what part of the site is highlighted on the page itself. This is a great way to ensure that the proper tags are in place so that Google bots can crawl your site and identify the structural hierarchy of the content (i.e <h> tags, <p> tags, etc). 

Check Your Website’s Mobile Friendliness 

With Google switching over to mobile-first indexing, the ease of navigating your site on a mobile device is more crucial than ever. Want to see what the mobile version of a web page looks like but don’t have a smartphone on you? Clicking “Inspect” and then selecting the second option from the top right-hand corner says “Toggle Device Toolbar”. This option allows you to alternate between a website’s desktop view and a mobile device’s. This can help evaluate what parts of your website are easier to look at from a mobile device and what can be improved upon. 

Check to Make Sure All Elements are Seen By Google 

You want to make sure all of the various details you’ve implemented on your website, whether it be Javascript or CSS are properly found by Google bots when they crawl your website. It could poorly affect your rankings if they are blocked or not found by them. In order to check for yourself without going directly into the back end, you can simply “Inspect” the page and click on the option that allows you to see the various pieces of code that can be seen by Google. 

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