How Can I Use a Branding Kit to Improve Digital Marketing Performance?

How to Build a Branding Kit that Will Grow Your Business & Digital Marketing Performance

Looking at the current market, there are countless brands and businesses across each industry. Standing out and attracting customers can be difficult, but creating a brand allows your business to succeed. Before you can start marketing your business online, you will need to create a powerful branding kit to ensure your company can make a lasting impression. In this blog, you will learn more about branding kits, why they are important, and how to create one for your business to match your message, goals, and marketing strategies.

What is a Branding Kit?

A branding kit is an accessible collection of materials representing your company’s identity and mission. It includes all the visuals, language, and design elements used to promote your business. This includes fonts, icons, logos, images, brand colors, messaging, slogans, templates, and anything else that pertains to your brand. Usually, these kits can be found in an online library or folder, making it easy for your team to access any branding materials needed quickly.

What is the Importance of Having a Branding Kit for Businesses?

Stand Out from the Competition

Having a powerful branding kit is essential for businesses that want to stand out from the competition. It helps to create an overall look and feel that will be associated with your business and will increase recognition.

Become More Recognizable

Branding kits also allow you to create cohesive messages and visuals that are easily recognizable, which can help to drive more customers, followers, and engagement.

Build Trust Within Your Audience

A recognizable brand also helps build trust in your products and services by showing customers that you are a reliable and consistent business.

Improve Digital Marketing Performance

Creating a cohesive branding kit across all platforms can help make your online campaigns more effective. Having all of your materials in an easily accessible location can help to streamline the digital marketing process, allowing you to create better content quicker.

How Do I Create a Branding Kit for My Business?

If you are a new business about to open for the first time, or you recently decided to revamp your brand, here are some tips for creating a powerful branding kit:

Establish Your Brand Identity

Understand your brand and create a list of core values that define it. This can include colors, fonts, visuals, keywords, and overall messaging that conveys your brand’s mission.

Create a Logo

Your logo is debatably the most important part of your branding kit. It will be used across all of your marketing material, so make sure it’s memorable and related to your brand identity. Many designers will recommend keeping your logo simple and trying to be creative. When you create your logo, save the file in an AI or SVG format to ensure the highest quality across all platforms. This format can also be easily manipulated if you ever want to make seasonal or promotional changes.

Choose a Color Palette

The colors you choose to represent your brand are just as important as the logo. Since these will be displayed across your entire website, social media platforms, and other digital marketing materials, make sure they are complementary and visually appealing.

Pick a Font for Primary, Secondary, & Paragraph Text Features

Choosing the right font family may seem simple, but it can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived. Pick one that looks professional and is easy to read, but also consider how it fits with the other elements of your branding kit. For your primary font, try to find a unique font that stands out from the crowd. From here, a secondary font can be chosen for headlines and other bolder elements. Lastly, choose a simple font for paragraph text that is easy to read and fits the overall look and feel.

Create a Set of Templated Visuals & Graphics

Fliers, posters, and other visuals are essential for businesses to promote their products and services. Determine the look of these visuals and create templates that can be quickly duplicated for future use. By having a deck of various templates and graphics, you will be able to create visuals quickly and have a consistent look for all of your marketing materials. If another business is going to be helping you with your digital marketing, giving them access to these templates can create a seamless experience.

Stick to Cohesive Messaging & Keywords

When creating any type of content, using the same messaging and keywords you established in your branding kit is essential. This can be used for internal and external communications, website copy, blog posts, social media captions, and everything else associated with your business.

Can I Create a Branding Kit for My Business On My Own?

Although it’s possible to create a branding kit on your own, it is often recommended that you work with a professional designer or digital marketing agency. Working with a professional will help ensure your branding is cohesive, engaging, and recognizable to your target audience.

How Can I Use a Branding Kit to Grow My Business?

As mentioned, your branding kit summarizes your business’s mission and values, but it can also be used to boost SEO performance and website ranking. By including the same fonts, colors, icons, and keywords in all of your marketing materials, you can increase the visibility of your website on search engine results pages. This will help to maximize your reach and can help to generate more leads and customers.

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