How Can I Update My Website to Revive Growth?

Did your website start off strong with traffic and content after launch but fall off a bit recently? You still get traffic but are no longer seeing the growth that you were once accustomed to? Don’t freak out; issues like these are often a result of some technical problems combined with competitive changes/trends, algorithm updates, and more. Even if your content was optimized when you published, it might have developed errors over time and not be what they once were. Broken links and outdated content are a great way to start, but there are many steps you can take. 

Compile a Full List of URLs

A great way to start with your website is by generating a complete list of all of the URLs that make up your website. Use a tool like an XML sitemap to make your life easier; once you’ve got your URLs, you can take a deeper look into them. 

Analyze Your Pages

Now that all of your URLs and webpages are neatly organized, it’s time to take a look into them. Log into your Google Analytics account and export traffic to all of your pages. Now compare the two lists of web pages that you’ve got. If there are any pages with a steep decline in views over the past six months, it’s a sign that there are issues with this page. 

Update Pages that You Can

Once you’ve identified some pages that are in need of updating, it’s time to make those updates. Some of your pages will be more evergreen or currently relevant than others; these are pages that you’ll want to focus on updating. If the page can still provide value to readers and search engines, then get to modernizing the page. Some pages won’t age well over time, and that’s okay. Pages and posts based around events or specific dates won’t be SEO friendly any longer, no matter how you update them. Ensure that you don’t forget to put redirects in place for these pages once they’re past their heydey, so you don’t miss ours on any backlinks you’ve accumulated. 

Test Your Site

Site speed is one of the most important performance factors for SEO today. So are mobile-friendly web pages. Take advantage of Google’s PageSpeed Insights and mobile testing tools to see some of the improvements that you can make. Changes like optimizing imagery for mobile users can make a solid positive change. 

Make Your Best Pages Even Better

Go back to your list of pages that you exported from Google Analytics and examine your site’s top-performing pages. If any of thee pages are older and could use some content updates, make sure that they’re made to improve the relevancy of this page moving forward. Next, make sure that calls to action on these pages are clear and visible. Conversions are the goal of all this traffic, after all. 

Giving your website a refresh helps keep your website relevant and growing. Contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today for help building your business’ website and strategy. You can reach us at 857-526-0096 or using our contact form.

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